Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fantastic BBQ in... Framingham?

So, it's happened. I moved to Metrowest. I've since been exploring the culinary landscape that is Framingham and Natick... yeah, it's not quite Boston, but there still are some great gems around here. I tried Tennessee's BBQ and am HOOKED.

The original location is in Framingham, and several locations have sprung up around Massachusetts. This BBQ joint has garnered a Best of Boston win and my respect after I tried it.

I had the BBQ sampler -- it came with the pulled pork, Memphis ribs and a Dixie chicken, along with cornbread and two sides. I opted for the collard greens and the BBQ beans. The ribs were absolutely heavenly -- the sauce was sweet and tangy and the meat fell right off the bone. These were the true highlight of the meal. The pulled pork was probably the best I've ever had, with a perfect meat/sauce ratio. I'm not a huge fan of chicken as it is, but the Dixie chicken was moist and flavorful.

The sides were also excellent. The cornbread was sweet and moist, I didn't even need to spread butter on it. The collard greens were a little spicy and cooked with bacon, so that was pretty much awesome. The green beans were also cooked with bacon. I don't know why I was surprised, this is a Southern place. The candied yams were the only bleh part of the meal. They were canned yams that were dumped out into syrup and tasted too much like marshmallows. I do put marshmallows in my own candied sweet potatoes, but I never let it be a dominating flavor.

The place was reasonably priced, as well. Lunch for two including drinks was about $30, and given the quality of the food, well worth it. I also appreciate any place that will serve a large variety of real soda in an old fashioned bottle.