Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Glutened at Paparazzi - Framingham

I normally have nothing but good things to say about eating gluten free at Paparazzi, but tonight did not go so well. I ordered the veal parmesan, which comes with gluten free pasta. The veal is battered in gluten free bread crumbs, and they swear that they're good about cross contamination.

Unfortunately for me, as I was eating the gluten free ziti, I noticed a spaghetti strand mixed in. When I called the server over, she let me know that the spaghetti meant that my pasta was not safe. Whoever cooked the pasta either cooked the pasta in the same water as the very gluteny pasta or strained it in the same strainer. The manager immediately came over, gave me his card, asked for my info so that he could follow up, and comped our meal.

I am truly not that upset because it's part of the risk of eating out, I'm just disappointed. The server and manager could not have handled the situation any better, of course. I do not blame them at all, as the server definitely noted that my meal should be gluten free and the manager was very kind and quick to act. It's just disappointing that I will probably never return there because now I know their kitchen staff is not well-trained in food allergies. It's frustrating to me that the line cook knew enough to use gluten free pasta, but didn't know to cook it in different water. So either Paparazzi doesn't train its chefs, or he/she just didn't care and thought I was one of those people who aren't REALLY gluten free.

Sigh. The headache is starting now, as are the abdominal cramps. This is going to be a long night.