Thursday, March 26, 2009


Wow, my first blog post. I'm not going to lie, this is pretty exciting for me. As both a journalist and a foodie, the idea of combining what I'm paid to do plus what I love to do makes me really happy. The idea for this blog came about when I was waxing poetic on the delicate intricacies of bacon (yet again) with my friend, and she told me, "Why don't you just start a food blog?!"

And here we are. Just so you understand, I'm not just some chick who likes to eat. While yes, that is true, I also worked in the restaurant industry for seven years, working everywhere from front-of-house to the kitchen as a prep cook. I worked in a variety of restaurants, from Chinese to nouveau American to seafood to French, from takeout places to luxury dining. Most importantly, I worked with some of the best people in the industry in Boston, and what I learned about food, I learned from them. (So for those former coworkers of mine reading this, thank you.) I left the food industry to pursue my career as a journalist, and this is my way of combining my two passions.

I do love to eat in restaurants, from cheap to high end, but I also love to cook. The goal of this blog isn't just to review restaurants and either encourage or discourage people from eating at certain places, but also to further people's knowledge of food by sharing my love of it. I plan on sharing some of the best recipes I've come up with over the past few years. And there will be a running feature on bacon, quite possibly the most perfect food ever created.

Thank you for taking the time to visit -- if you share even a fraction of the amount of love I have for food, I think you'll really enjoy my blog.

In the wise words of Jasper White of Summer Shack fame, "FOOD IS LOVE."


  1. greetings!

    came across the intro of you blog via facebook; thought it's a great idea! we foodies are the generous bunch who loves to share info with one another.

    in fact, i host a similar blog @ yahoo too, which records my dining adventures, cooking tips & recipes, and more. the only problem for you is that it's in chinese, but i figure with today's technology, one can translate a web page into the desired language rather easily. just take into account that there will be something lost in translation. but if you ever feel like making some quick & easy chinese/asian food sometimes, feel free to drop by, and don't hesitate to ask me shall you need clarifications.

    look forward to reading more of your adventures!

  2. Hi! I'm interested in contacting you about reviewing a restaurant (the restaurant is in Boston). Please email me: if you're interested.