Friday, May 15, 2009

Cilantro! Yeah!

Cilantro is definitely one of the foods I love way more than I should. Cooked, fresh, whatever, you can put it on anything I eat. When I go to the grocery store, I always stop in the produce aisle to sniff the cilantro. There's something about the smell of freshly rubbed cilantro that makes my heart leap. Does anyone know of a cilantro perfume out there?

Anyone who's had my award-winning salsa (seriously, it won a salsa contest) knows that I load my salsa with chopped cilantro, along with other goodies. I'll put the recipe up here someday. I love cooking it with lime juice and onions and adding it to fish tacos. Or in noodle soups, letting it simmer in the broth before diving in. I love adding handfuls of it to guacamole. My favorite is perhaps my mom's use of cilantro -- she stir fries it with beef, so there's an amazing garlicky beefy cilantro gravy in it. Yeah, it's amazing.

I'm a little irked I didn't think of it myself, but there is in fact a blog about how amazing cilantro is, at I could almost smell the tangy sweetness of the cilantro looking at the pictures.

What are some of your favorite uses of cilantro?


  1. making quick-boil soup or hotpot soup base w/cilantro and thousand-year eggs! fragrant... mmm...

  2. ohh i am so down with that. i haven't had thousand year old eggs in years!