Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The easiest sauce for any occasion

I hate dry food. I have a hard time eating white meat on chicken as it's notoriously dry, and I hate any steak above medium. So in order for me to eat chicken, I need to have a great sauce to top it with. This easy sauce, inspired by a Rachael Ray recipe, will jazz up any pork chop or chicken breast in a matter of minutes. I even use the huckleberry preserves for a scallop glaze.

Worcestershire sauce
Preserves (cherry, huckleberry, blueberry, any kind depending on what fruit you like)
Black pepper
Basil (dried)

Spoon half a jar of preserves into a small pot or pan and put on medium heat. Once it starts to melt and sizzle, add a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce. Use a whisk to smooth it out, then add the pepper and basil. Add sriracha to taste -- I usually add about a pea sized amount. If using blueberry preserves, I substitute basil with thyme. Allow to come to just about a boil, all while whisking every few seconds, then turn off and allow to cool. Spoon over any kind of protein for a tangy sauce with just a little bit of kick.

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