Friday, August 31, 2012

Move Over Relish -- Slawsa is My New Favorite GF Condiment

I was recently sent a sample of Slawsa, a relish alternative, from Julie Busha at Nicole Foods. A cabbage-based mustard and vinegar relish, the product is from the owner's mother's recipe, a Southern classic.

I'm always thrilled to find condiments that are gluten-free. So many use malt vinegar or stabilizers like maltodextrin and neglect to mention if the maltodextrin is from corn or wheat. Busha assures me that all ingredients have been checked and this condiment is definitely gluten-free. And I didn't have a reaction, so I know it's true. I am VERY sensitive, and I definitely would've gotten sick if there had been any trace. I spent last Sunday night in the hospital when served regular soy sauce instead of gluten-free soy sauce -- that's how sensitive I am. 

My husband and I used the jar as an occasion to have hot dogs for dinner (with a roasted zucchini and feta salad on the side). Nathan's hot dogs (gluten free), and an Udi's gluten-free hot dog bun for me. Usually, when I eat hot dogs, I'm a strictly ketchup person. I'm not a fan of mustard, and I don't really like relish on my hot dogs.

At first bite, the Slawsa was sweet, crunchy, and slightly mustardy, with a touch of vinegar tang. As I chewed, the Slawsa finished with a slow growing heat. I was blown away by the complexity of the flavors, and the balance of sweet and tangy. I checked the ingredients and was very surprised to find that it is low in sodium -- most condiments are super high in sodium. I ended up piling more onto my hot dog and wolfing it down.

Compared to your basic relish, Slawsa is crunchier, with a wider depth of flavors. It's salty, sweet, tangy, and spicy (though not very spicy) all at once. This is a great addition to any Labor Day Weekend grilling event!

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