Monday, April 20, 2009

Wings galore!

Chicken wings are awesome. How can anybody not love them? They're gooey, flavorful, crispy... they're really the only reason I look forward to the Super Bowl every year. I have a friend who is completely obsessed with wings and inspired me to write this entry. Let's discuss some of the local places to get wings.

1.) Wings over... -- The "Wings Over" chain has a lot of popular followers. Having had Wings over Somerville and Wings over Brookline, I've gotten sick pretty consistently from them and am not a fan. I like their variety, but the execution is just not that good and not worth the price.

2.) Wing-It -- Wing it is my all-time favorite. I started eating these when I was 8, and I've never found better wings in Boston. The honey barbecue is absolutely killer -- perfectly sweet and salty with a nice crispy skin. In fact, every year, instead of going out to a fancy restaurant on Valentine's Day, my boyfriend and I order Wing-It and picnic on the floor. It really is the best way to spend the holiday. I also recommend the pterodactyl and the Parmesan garlic.

3.) Buff's Pub -- I never knew about Buff's until I saw them on Phantom Gourmet. This small pub in Newton Corner is a bit off the beaten path, but well-worth the trip. While the entrees weren't really anything special, their wings were fantastic. Amazing buffalo wings -- not too spicy, not too mild, just enough tang to match perfectly with the blue cheese. A great spot to have a beer and some wings.

4.) Hooters -- How can you talk about wings without talking about Hooters? Now, it had seemed all was lost in Hooters-land when the majority of the chains in New England closed down. But hope was renewed when the one in Saugus opened up pretty recently. Their wings are cheap and delicious, and hey, you get to look at boobs.

Do you have any favorite wing places or feedback on the above?


  1. when i was still in nyc, my sister used to bring back suicidal (or homicidal?) wings in party tray size. i had heartburn having one bite of it w/a full glass of milk. well, not a fan of spicy food to begin with; nothing wrong with them.

    but one year, in boston, my friend and i decided to order some wings and headed home for videos, i got quite disappointed at their execution. we ordered a couple different flavors, but they all tasted the same in the end. the meat had no character whatsoever in itself; just being overpowered by whatever sauce that was slathered on them at the very last minute--at least it felt like that's how they were done. i realized this could be the only cost-effective way to cater to a menu that offers some 10+ varieties of wings, but i'd rather they go by the motto "do one thing and do it well". haven't had another one since then.

  2. the previous comment was about "wing it", btw.

    as for hooters, it was equally disappointing. where the wings were good, the boobs were... um, unappetizing is just an understatement. or else, in the case for branches in china, it's the other way around. either that, or i just think the way they fry the wings result in too much grease remaining on the throat afterwards. maybe that's the ladies that got our throats all clogged up...

    how i deal with my wing hits? KFC honey BBQ wings. $3.99 or so for 6, not a bad deal. however, it really depends on where you get it though, and when. it seems that years ago, they had the sauce more under control. now it's just too overwhelming, too thick, too much kick in it. still love it in small portion, though.

    another place for wing lovers: the pour house on boylston, by... hereford maybe? one of the last streets before mass ave. it was an insane amount of wings for $8.99. they might have been 3 dozens or something. crazy. have a couple different varieties, too! definitely worth a try, go there for happy hour sometimes.

  3. I haven't tried the wings at Pour House. I will have to check those out!