Saturday, September 6, 2014

Breakfast Tacos with Steak and Eggs

I often have a hard time figuring out how to reuse leftovers. I struggle especially with steak or other red meat, as I like it medium rare and reheating it ends up cooking it beyond that.

While at home last week, my mom made a delicious roast and sent me home with lots of leftovers. I also made a stop at Watch Hill Farms, a local farm with a stand at the end of my parents' street. I picked up farm fresh eggs picked that morning, plus some gorgeous tomatoes.

So when it came time to figure out how to put all of these items together, all I could think was some sort of steak and eggs. I took corn tortillas and sprinkled them with cheddar cheese.

I soft scrambled two eggs in a cast iron skillet, and then turned off the stove. I popped the tortillas in the microwave for 30 seconds (note: I have a very weak microwave), then topped them with the eggs.
I sliced the cold leftover roast on a bias and put a few slivers on each taco. These were topped with the fresh tomatoes, slices of avocado, grated carrots, and cilantro. With a squeeze of lime over each taco, they were ready to go and very delicious! The flavors were fresh, bright, and perfect on a hot summer's day.

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