Sunday, September 14, 2014

Immaculate Gluten Free and Dairy Free Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I consider myself to be a pretty decent cook. I'm no chef, but I am pretty adept in the kitchen and I know a lot about different techniques and replacements. I am the world's worst baker. Not in the sense that I'm terrible at it, but that I hate it because I can't taste while it's cooking. I'm a control freak and the fact that I can't control its progress drives me bonkers. I'm also not the biggest fan of following recipes -- who are you to tell me what to do, recipe?

So basically, I appreciate anything that makes baking easier on me. I am all about slice and bake, or break and bake. I'm not going to make a better cookie than Pillsbury, so why try? But alas, those are not exactly safe for me to eat.

Then I discovered Immaculate brand cookies. They're a little more expensive than the usual break and bake cookies (at $4.99 a pack at my Stop and Shop), but they're gluten free AND dairy free. This has been particularly useful when it comes to baking for work, because one of my coworkers is very lactose intolerant, and I am also lactose intolerant.

They are gooey, chewy, and taste just like the real thing. You will not be disappointed in these. My only recommendation is to make sure you flatten the block of dough with the heel of your hand (you might need to put a little oomph into this) a little. Otherwise, they bake a little tall and are too gooey in the middle. But these are really fantastic. I would love to use these to make ice cream sandwiches.

Five stars!

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