Saturday, September 27, 2014

Best Gluten Free Birthday Cake Ever -- Giant Oreo

For my birthday last year, my husband baked an amazing cake. He bought chocolate cake mix, ingredients for a cheesecake, and combined the two into this magical ginormous Oreo.

 Yes, it tasted every bit as delicious as it looks. Simply buy any chocolate cake mix, and bake it according to instructions. Cut it in half lengthwise when it's cooled down. Using the same size pan, make a cheesecake with no crust (you may need to really grease the bottom so that it doesn't stick). Stick it in the middle, and you get this sheer awesomeness.
Don't have time to bake a cheesecake? Even Cool Whip would go well here, or ready-made cheesecake mix. You could get creative and add a layer of chocolate chips, or crumbled gluten-free Oreos. Or add a caramel drizzle on top! Yum. My husband is the best.

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