Thursday, October 2, 2014

Gluten Free at Boma in the Animal Kingdom Lodge

I recently traveled to Disney for a wedding, and we made sure to visit the Animal Kingdom Lodge while there. We can't actually afford to stay there, so visiting and eating there is as close as we could get! The space is comfortable and warm, but the wait can be quite long. Make sure you have a reservation!

Many, many of the items on the buffet were gluten free. There were plenty of vegetable and meat options, too many to list here. The carving station was delicious, and the salmon and roast chicken were also fantastic. Highlights include all different kinds of stewed vegetables (the African cuisines have really nailed this).

Not so remarkable were the salads. I was so excited to try the papaya, grapefruit, and avocado salad, and I found it to be watery, mushy, with no particular flavor. The orange, olive, fennel, and arugula salad was a bit more successful. The best side was the mashed sweet and regular potatoes, flavored with a bit of cinnamon. My husband loved this.

What IS out of this world is the level of attention paid by the chefs and the servers to the gluten allergy. I was able to walk through the buffet and have dishes brought from the back that were completely safe and gluten free. I tasted almost everything that was available for me to taste, and as far as this buffet went, the options were more extensive than others (except maybe Tusker House). The fresh fruit options were great (best strawberries I've ever had, not sure how they got them so perfectly ripe!)

I felt well-taken care of. Was it the best meal I've ever had at Disney? No. Not even the top five. But would I go back? Yes, especially if I was on the dining plan. It seemed a bit expensive at nearly $40 per person otherwise, but it's such a novelty to be able to taste and try so many different items.

The best part of the meal was my dessert. LOOK AT THIS MAGIC.
Those striped beauties are Zebra Domes, which are one of the top desserts in all of Disney. They have this blend of coffee/Kahlua flavor and are super delicious. I also had strawberry panna cotta, little brownie bites from Babycakes, sugar cookies, and berries. They really took care to make sure that this was a special experience for me, and I was incredibly grateful.

As far as buffets go, I'd still rank Tusker House above this. But this was a fun meal and I'd go back again!

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